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-Carol C.(Mother of the Groom)
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“. . . I love to look at all the pictures and remember that beautiful evening . . . but the ones I treasure the most are actually not of the wedding itself. They are those you took of my beautiful mother, Genevieve Scott. She died 7 months after the wedding. From the close-up of her gentle hands as she sat at the back of the church in her wheelchair, to the family pictures, to the huge smile at the reception, you absolutely captured her spirit. You were able to bring out her joy despite all the pain she was in during that time. I will forever be grateful for that.”
-Pam (Mother of the Bride)
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“Scott and his team did a phenomenal job in capturing the beauty of our daughter and her wedding dream. Their professionalism more than surpassed the excellent reputation. (They) go beyond the call of duty. (They are) top-notch photographers! A classy bride deserves a classy photographer. Thanks, Scott!”
-Mike U.(Father of the Bride)
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“As we planned the wedding, we talked about where we could shave the budget to save money. One thing we all agreed on was that we would not compromise on the photography. A number of friends and family members were not able to be there and they will be able to share the day through the photos. And years down the road, the pictures will take those of us who were there back to that very special day. “You got outstanding shots but were never obtrusive or in any way interfered with the activities going on . . . we would heartily endorse you to any prospective future clients.”
-Marilyn F. (Mother of the Bride)
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“We love our pictures and it was so fun to work with you both! I so highly recommend working with you to all who inquire. You were fun to work with and really made everything so fun and relaxing. David and I both are thankful to have two people to work with that were wonderful artists and like friends to us!”
-Myriah E.(Happy Bride)
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"Scott and his team were very easy to work with and made our wedding day run so smoothly! They took some beautiful boudoir shots for me and I am so excited to see what they captured on our wedding day! Scott was responsive to every email and we talked on the phone many times to get our day perfect! I was so pleased with all of their work!! Highly recommend going with Laske Images, it is worth every penny!!!"
-Gail H. (Mother of the Bride)
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“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service. I have heard horror stories about wedding photography experiences, but this has been very pleasant. “I received several very nice compliments from our wedding guests in regards to you. They felt you were very personable and fit right in with everyone. Some of them were surprised to learn you were the photographer because you didn’t just stand off to the side with a camera in-hand looking like you were bored to tears. “The pictures are great! I would gladly recommend you to anyone needing photography services!”
-Cassidy (Happy Bride)
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"(They) were so great to work with. Leading up to the wedding, they communicated frequently with questionnaires and emails to get to know Ben and I better, but also to know our family situations. This was so helpful going into the wedding day to know that our photographers were coming prepared and that we could rely on them to stick to the schedule. On top of all of this, they were kind, smart, funny, and both took breathtaking pictures from our special day. I look forward to working with Scott again!"
Brad & Lacey H.(Happy Bride and Groom)
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“We can not thank you enough for everything you have done to make our wedding a dream come true! Since day one you have made us extremely comfortable! “We had heard you were the best and now we know why!”
-Lance and Amenda (Happy Bride and Groom)
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“How can we ever say ‘thank you’ for the beautiful job you did and for all the support you have shared with us! We really appreciate all your hard work . . . you captured our dream come true!”
-Debbie Y. (Mother of the Bride)
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“You were patient and easy to work with. That is a blessing at a wedding where everyone is on high alert! “We appreciate your talent, but we also appreciate your ‘game day’ disposition. After thinking about it, I realized a wedding photographer’s approach can add to the tension or actually make the situation more relaxed . . . thank you for doing the latter.”
-Lacey (Happy Bride)
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"Scott and his team are the absolute best! There is no one else that I would have trusted to capture every single moment of my wedding day! They went above and beyond to make sure everything was absolutely perfect - And it was! They were everywhere snapping pics but never a bother or interrupting anything else going on. My pictures are absolutely amazing and I could not be happier! THANK YOU LASKE IMAGES!"
-K. Smith (Mother of the Groom)
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“Scott, you did an AWESOME job photographing one of the most special times of my entire life – my son, Zach’s wedding day. It’s obvious that you enjoy what you do . . . and it is a work like no other . . . Thank you for blessing my life with your work. I appreciate it more than you know.”
-Jennifer V. (Happy Bride)
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“The photos online were so much fun for us to go through and brought us many laughs and a few tears. “I am so appreciative of how kind and friendly you have always been towards me especially on my wedding day. I’m very thankful for your part in helping make everything run smooth.”

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