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Presented here are just a few select testimonials we have received from appreciative Brides, Grooms, Mothers, and Fathers throughout the years.  Cards and letters that resoundingly echo a single message:   “When it comes to wedding photography, it’s Laske.”

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Preferred Vendors & Venues

Bridal Attire:
Bella Rose Bridal : 405-340-8105
JJ Kelly Bridal Salon: 405-752-0029
Linh’s Bridal: 405-563-9011
Mollere Bridal Salon: 405-840-0100
Amy Cakes: 405-360-1131
Mishelle Handy : 405-348-5938
Uptown Grocery: 405-509-2700
Abbey Road Catering : 405-390-1058
Aunt Pittypat’s Catering: 405-942-4019
Ned’s Catering: 405-810-0208
Running Wild Catering: 405-751-0688
                     BTP Productions: 405-609-9980                       DJ Connections:  918-481-2010
Party Box Rocks DJ: 405-743-8303
M&M Productions : 405-528-3548
Cole Dewey Designs: 405-208-1978
Flowers by Pat: 405-942-0666
Morrison Floral: 405-789-1622
New Leaf: 405-842-2444
Trochta’s Flowers: 405-848-3338
Tony Foss: 405-843-4119
Uptown Grocery : 405-509-2700
Hair & Make-up:
Elle Canfield: 580-272-4782
Marlo Haus: 405-823-9997
Muse Beauty Bar: 405-242-3162
Sharon Tabb: 405-595-6680
Virgie Mae: 405-464-9349
Ice Sculptures:
Vault Ice: 405-495-4423
Limo Services:
Getaway Cars: 405-570-4333
King’s Limo & Private Jet: 405-733-5466
Paris Limo & Bus: 405-732-2300
Time Lines Bus: 405-741-8463

Photo Booth:
M&M Productions: 405-528-3548
Pic 2 Remember Photo Booth: 405-283-0110
Tap Snap Photo Booth: 405-249-4715
Rentals – Services:
Marianne’s Rentals: 405-751-3100
Mood Party Rentals: 405-840-2081
New Leaf: 405-842-2444
Susie’s Bartending Service: 405-524-3753
Black Tie: 405-563-9011
J.J. Kelly Bridal Salon: 405-752-0029
Men’s Wearhouse: 405-790-0842
Tuxedo Junction: 405-751-1745
Alumni Productions: 405-606-5887
Laske Images: 405-414-9349
Leslee Layton Films: 405-385-9336
Pen Weddings: 918-645-2695
Von Wedding Films: 918-258-0258
III Oaks Video: 405-478-8273
Ambassador Hotel Midtown: 405-600-6200
The Barn at Country Club: 405-777-3769
The Barn at the Woods: 405-609-7715
Chisholm Springs: 405-757-5352
Civic Center Hall of Mirrors: 405-297-1577
Coles Garden: 405-478-1529
Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs: 800-342-9766
Dominion House: 405-282-7789
Eleven Oaks Ranch: 405-323-2053
Embassy Suites (OKC): 405-239-3900
Embassy Suites (Norman): 405-364-8040
Esperanza Ranch: 405-380-8868
Gaillardia Country Club: 405-302-2800
The Greens Country Club: 405-751-6266
Gaylord-Pickens Okla. Heritage Center: 405-235-4458
The Hall at the Railhouse: 405-778-0003
Harn Homestead Museum: 405-235-4058
Majestic Pines: 405-204-5823

The Manor: 405-340-1701
Marland Mansion: 580-767-0420
McGranahan Barn: 405-245-3709
Merrick Hollow: 405-426-9113
The Montellano: 405-830-2648
Myriad Botanical Gardens: 405-445-7080
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum: 405-478-2250
Hillside Manor: 405-238-9794
Hudson Springs: 405-826-3448
Nellis Vineyards: 405-826-5279
OKC Golf & CC: 405-848-5611
Oaktree Country Club: 405-340-1010
Oklahoma History Center: 405-522-5248
Oklahoma Memorial Union: 405-325-2121
Oklahoma Museum of Art: 405-236-3100
Oklahoma State Capitol: 405-521-3356
The Palace Event Center: 405-350-7438
Petroleum Club: 405-232-1184
The Renaissance Hotel: 405-228-8000
The Renaissance Waterford: 405-858-2414
The Red Barn at Waldo’s Pond: 405-476-3800
The Rooftop at Plenty Mercantile: 405-888-7470
Rose Briar Place: 405-603-7673
Rose Creek Golf Club: 405-330-8220
Rustic Rose: 405-301-4337
Sam Noble Museum: 405-325-4712
Shane Creek Events: 405-567-5665
The Skirvin Hilton: 405-272-3040
Southwind Hills Barn: 405-837-9463
The Springs (Norman): 405-206-2341
The Springs (Edmond): 405-757-5352
Sweetbelle Farms: 405-592-9360
Tatanka Ranch: 918-368-2251
Thorncrown Chapel: 479-253-7401
Thunderbird Chapel: 405-329-4848
Venue102 Events: 405-562-7372
The Waterford Marriott: 405-858-2414


Tips For Planning Your Wedding Day Photos

With everything that goes into your wedding day, those once-in-a-lifetime moments will go by in a blur—which is
why hiring a professional wedding photographer is a must.  After all, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether your photographer will be able to capture your big day.
The key?  Prepare yourself so that you can accurately evaluate the “right” photographer for you.
Follow these six tips to help you plan your wedding photos like a pro:

1. When? Hiring a Wedding Photographer.

You should book your wedding photographer as soon as you can. The best wedding photographers get booked quickly — sometimes as much as a year in advance, so don’t wait until the last minute to book your photographer. Especially if you want to have your choice. Photographers need you to have a date confirmed, so book your venue, and then go talk to the photographer and book as soon as you can. Capture your special day with the expertise of Top Rated Oklahoma Wedding Photographers.

2. Wedding Photographer Cost?

How much you spend is dependent on the services you are wanting, how many photographers you need to give you the proper coverage and if you want any additional products. Now is certainly not the time to skimp on your photo budget.  Call around and get a price range for services and remember: when the cake is long gone, the flowers wilted, and the dress stored away, your wedding photos will be the only thing left to remind you of that special day.

3. Make Sure You're Selecting a True Professional Photographer

Only hire someone who has liability insurance, experience taking the style of photos you want, backup equipment and a plan for when things go south. Ideally, he or she is a PPA photographer. PPA photographers have the technical expertise and artistry to make you look your best and bring your vision to life. Watch this video to see real married couples share their stories.

4. View Full Galleries from Real Weddings.

Ask to view an entire wedding album or gallery to see a photographer’s true style and get a sense of how he or she might tell your “story.”  Look for how they capture all the things that are important to you. Family, emotions, details, etc. We have a team of photographers, each with a slightly different style so you can select your favorite photo artist to capture your Big Day.  They are all energetic and fun, so they’ll add to the excitement and energy of your Wedding Day. We’re glad to show you their work on any wedding, from beginning to end.

5. Do They Create a Detailed Timeline?

PPA wedding photographers can also help you create that shot list as they know what key moments tell a wedding story.  Make sure you have a pre-wedding consultation to talk about your vision, must-have images, day-of schedule, and walk through the entire program with your photographer ahead of time. Share your expectations ahead of time to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Transform your Oklahoma wedding into a timeless masterpiece with the expertise of our top-rated photographers

6. Understanding the Timing & Delivery

Ask your photographer about their delivery schedule.  Will they post a teaser or a “sneak peek” right after the wedding?  When will your full set of images be ready?  Will they give you an online gallery to proof?  What and how will they deliver the images to you.  If contracting an album, ask about the process as well.  When will you start working on it, how many changes can you make, how long will it take for the album to be delivered?  The more you know, the more realistic your expectations will be and you will avoid any disappointments. Experience the magic of your Oklahoma wedding through the lens of top-rated photographers.

Ask - Questions

Wedding Photography Checklist:

Reviewing sample work allows you to see the photographer’s strengths and weaknesses – don’t fool yourself, every
photographer has them. You’ll also be able to get an idea of their style. Are they formal with an eye for the perfect
picture or do they love to capture the hidden moments when no one is looking? Look for images that you can see
yourself in. Think of three words that describe you and share those with your photographer. Every photographer has
a style and reviewing their gallery can help you determine if theirs is right for you.

2. What is the photographer's working style?

Some photographers are orderly and operate like wedding planners. Others prefer to sit back and let the events of
the wedding unfold. It’s important that you find someone who can understand and meet your expectations.
Discuss this ahead of time and ask away, so that you understand how well the photographer’s
working style matches your own

3. Is the photographer available for an engagement session?

An engagement session does more than provide you with priceless images together before you get married. It’s also
your first opportunity to work with your photographer and develop a relationship that will allow you to be
completely at ease on your big day. Use this session to confirm if the photographer is indeed the
right person to capture your wedding

4. Will the photographer create a detailed shot list?

This list will ensure no important photo is missed during the commotion and excitement of the big day. You should
be able to create that list together, add to the list leading up to the day and have a copy of that list the day of. Take
an honest look at what images really matter and fill your photographer in on situations he or she might need to be
aware of in order to prevent awkward moments, and to ensure that he or she can get the shots that matter most.

5. What kind of lighting will be used?

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding, you’ll want to make sure your photographer has professional
grade lighting equipment to deliver the images your wedding deserves.

6. Does the photographer have backup equipment?

You’ve prepared contingency plans for every other aspect of your wedding; your photographer should as well. A
true professional photographer won’t miss your perfect shot because of a technology issue. He or she will always
bring one or two backup cameras, lenses, flashes, additional lighting equipment, extra memory cards, and batteries.

7. Does the photographer have liability insurance?

Accidents happen at weddings and if one of your guests trips over your photographer’s light stand, it’s good to know
you both are protected. Your reception venue may even ask the photographer to submit a
certificate of liability ahead of time.

8. Will there be one photographer or two?

A second shooter increases the probability that no shot will be missed, especially if you are having a large wedding.
If there will be two photographers, ask to meet them both to get a feel for their personalities and
how well they might blend in on your big day.

9. What will happen to the images after your wedding?

Will your images be backed up to a hard drive or the cloud once processed? How long will your photographer keep
the images afterward? Will they be kept for a couple of years or dumped immediately? If you have any
concerns about losing your photos, knowing what the photographer plans to do with your
images after your wedding is important.

10. When will you get your photos?

No, you won’t get your pictures the day after; no photographer can deliver that quickly. It’s a good idea, though, to
get a general idea of the timeline ahead of time. You might even be able to agree on getting a couple of images
ready for social media use very quickly. But obtaining your photos will likely take several weeks. To help with the
wait, some photographers will send you a sneak peek with a few images. Just ask ahead of time!

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