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Beach Gallery

I want to express my gratitude for reaching out and showing interest in my photography!  To start, I’d like to share a bit more about myself and my deep passion for what I do.  I am a semi-retired wedding/portrait photographer from Oklahoma.  My photographic style can be described as classic & casual.  What truly brings me joy is the opportunity to share my passion with others.  

My collections include a comprehensive package:
You’ll receive the session itself, professional editing, travel expenses, and all the digital files with reprint rights.  Additionally, you’ll have exclusive access to your own private web-based app called “PASS.”  This app offers various features such as cloud storage for your photos, easy social media sharing, convenient file downloading, and they are always readily accessible on your mobile device or tablet.  

My goal, capturing the true character and personalities of you & your family. I’m experienced in working with all ages and attention spans so don’t be afraid!  It’s part of the fun.

Bridal Gallery

Our Bridal sessions remain a cherished favorite among our Brides and their Moms.  You’ve dedicated a significant portion of your wedding budget to an exquisite gown that you’ll wear only once.
So, why not preserve its beauty, elegance, and distinctive grace in timeless imagery?
That’s what Bridal portraits are all about – YOU and the dress.

Engagement Gallery

OKC portrait fun!  There are so many great places around Oklahoma City to capture amazing engagement photos.
Do you like classic?  Maybe creative?  We have an incredible team with different styles for you to choose from to capture the images you’ll love for the rest of your life.

Family & Children Gallery

Our team of fun, family photographers will capture the true character and personality of your family, children and pets.  We work with all ages and attention spans so don’t be afraid! It’s part of the fun. There are so many great places around Oklahoma City to capture amazing family photos you won’t be short of options for great family pictures. We’ve traveled from border to border in some of the coolest locations to serve our clients and we’ll do the same for you!

Real Estate Gallery

I am absolutely thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with you!
Allow me to provide you with an overview of the coverages we offer:
Up to 1200 sq ft:  $275
1201 – 1800 sq ft:  $325
1801 – 2400 sq ft:  $375
over 2401 sq ft: Please call us with details for a personalized quote. To ensure that we are the perfect fit for your needs, I kindly request a brief (5-10 minute) phone consultation. Thank you for expressing your interest.  I am eagerly looking forward to our conversation!

Wedding Gallery

Weddings hold a special place in our hearts, as it is our area of expertise.
We are genuinely thrilled at the prospect of capturing extraordinary memories and moments for each and every couple we have the privilege to serve.  This enthusiasm drives us to gather our equipment and embark on journeys, whether it’s just down the street or across the country, to be present where the magic unfolds.  We are eagerly looking forward to engaging in conversations with you about your grand plans! Allow us to be a part of this exhilarating journey as you embark on starting a new life together. We cherish every twist and turn along the way!

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