Robert is an addict. He collects camera gear, camera bags, lenses and lighting. He’s always exploring, creating, testing and trying to expand his experience and knowledge to kick out the next “most amazing picture ever.”

Outside of his passion for amazing portraits, Robert loves music. He’s kind of shy about it, but he does play a pretty mean guitar and can carry a tune with the best of them.

He has a love for life and enjoys many simple pleasures. Admittedly, he says the smell of hickory smoke makes his knees weak and anyone who knows him will tell you Robert knows his way around a kitchen.

Robert got his start in photography years ago when he started shooting weddings for Oklahoma’s oldest wedding studio. He joined our team in 2010 and has been a favorite among our Brides ever since.

He is tireless and no doubt you will love Robert’s vibrant style and the energy and excitement he contributes to every wedding day. Check out Robert’s work featured on the Oklahoma Brides blog.

In his free time, Robert likes to lounge in his Lazy-Boy, eating left over wedding cake and watching one of his three favorite shows: The Bachelor, The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.