Kimberly was an entertainer for Disney. Growing up near NYC, she made countless trips to the Big Apple to catch the most current Broadway shows. Her love for all things Broadway inspired her to major in musical theater, and to this day, you’ll find Kimberly is quite a character.

Kimberly is an Army Veteran and has traveled the globe, feeding her love for geography. Mixing her love for trivia and the arts, she can name that 80’s or 90’s tune in two notes. She also loves strategy games and RPGs have always been something she enjoyed doing on a Friday night when she wasn’t out singing karaoke.

Now, as a busy Mom, Kimberly enjoys being home with her family and the adventures that come with raising kids. She admits her favorite thing to do after tucking them in at night is kicking back on the couch and watching reruns of Star Trek, a good cop show like NCIS or laughing at old episodes of I Love Lucy.

She’s a bit of a health food junkie so her favorite treats involve kale or seaweed. Sushi is a weekly must and an occasional apple spattered with peanut butter.