Julia is an information junkie. She consumes facts and is constantly learning something new, trivial, useful or totally irrelevant. Her obsession with information can only be satisfied by consuming hours of data daily.

Julia has always been known in her circles as “the reporter,” and back when the world was captured through film and VHS tape, she began her obsession with telling a story. She studied communications in college and actually wanted to be a radio DJ.

Nothing has changed. She still tells stories through writing, photography and video and has had her work featured in print and online magazines. She has produced radio shows and done voice overs for broadcasts for more than a decade.

All that aside, Julia’s favorite nickname is “Grandma” and nothing makes her happier than donning jammies and curling up with her little rug rats to watch the latest Avenger’s movie. She hopes one day to take her family on a treasure-hunting adventure across America, digging for fossils, sapphires and meteorites.