Ellie Piper

Ellie is an energetic, talented photographer who fit right in as soon as she joined the team. Now sporting years with Laske Images, Ellie is one of our lead photographers and has a bright, modern style that is popular with our couples. You can see from her images she knows how to capture the emotion and energy of a moment and understand why we’re proud to call her part of the Laske Images team.


Ellie is an electrifying soul. She’s an energetic and inspiring woman with some mad camera skills and will bust at the seams when she talks about the four little lasses that call her “Mom.”

She was born and raised in Chicago and fell in love with photography when Santa delivered her first film camera for Christmas. She explored the technical while developing her creativity, using her skills to shoot her first wedding when she was only 23 years old.

Ellie has undeniable talent and shoots both weddings and boudoir for our team. Her superpower evolves around freezing the most meaningful moments and focuses on intimate, emotion-filled captures in stunning color and vibrant style.

She’s a favorite among our couples and you can see her work featured here on Oklahoma Brides.